The New Film: Food Inc.

CBS News Interviews journalist Michael Pollan, along with Food Inc. producer and director, Robert Kenner.

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Tomatoes that don’t taste like a tomato (but hey, they also don’t bruise), cloned animal meats (really?), and a look behind the curtain of food production in America; this film presents a grim view inside our present food system. Michael Pollan has been a guest on our show before, and continues to draw the important connections between the cheap abundance of food, the increase in diet-related chronic diseases, and corporate mistreatment of food industry workers, and livestock.

This is an interesting interview; especially troubling, the meat industry would wish to prevent labeling of food that originates from cloned animals because that’s information consumers don’t need to know. Oh, really? Equally troubling, according to Mr. Kenner, much of the disturbing behind-the-scenes footage was intentionally edited out of the film. On a more optimistic note, it was encouraging to hear how these issues are not going away, and that as more consumers become aware, more people will speak out for change. If nothing else, Food Inc. demonstrates, when it comes to food, ignorance is not bliss.

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