Urban Fruit Gleaning (video)

Portland Fruit Tree Project provides a valuable urban fruit gleaning service that helps communities benefit directly from local resources. Fresh fruit that grows on neighborhood trees is collected by volunteers, and dropped off at local Food Banks for distribution to those in need. The great thing about this program is that in large part, the fruit would not be harvested or eaten by anyone—if not for fruit gleaning. Everyone involved benefits, including the trees, as harvesting is beneficial to their health!


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    It is such a great idea. Requires a lot of organization with homeowners and volunteer gleaners, but it is the perfect way to make sure food is never wasted.

    I have volunteered with an organization here in LA that does the same thing- Food Forward LA. I highly recommend checking them out!

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      Good to hear this concept is happening elsewhere, Natalie! Too often I have gone on walks in the neighborhood and side-stepped fallen fruit. Hopefully other communities will have an opportunity to ‘grow’ a project like this, which benefits so many.

      Here’s Food Forward’s website, if anyone in the LA area is interested in participating with them: http://foodforward.org/get_involved.html

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