What Does Clean Food Mean To You? (video)

What is clean food? What is it, really?

Obviously, it’s more than washing off of food before it’s eaten. Laura Masterson, an urban farmer, beautifully articulates what she believes is clean food, and how it’s a much more encompassing term than one might think.

As Masterson explains, it’s not just the absence of synthetic chemicals, or the use of natural, organic fertilizers, the avoidance of using harmful substances. Clean food has more to do with a better understanding and deep respect for an entire farm system ecology, how various parts of a system have an effect upon the whole farm. While Masterson argues that organic farming is good, it’s only a beginning approach to farming, a minimum standard upon which to build better growing practices.

What does clean food mean to you?



    you hit the right point.. again… I continue to admire ,enjoy and being touched by your fantastic work.
    Much love

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    There is a movement now toward vegan organic growers. They dont use any animal manure for compost. Only green manures from plant based compost.
    They dont use bloodmeal, fish, or bonemeal either as it comes from an animal.
    I know of a small number in the Atlanta region who are doing this now. I would say that goes beyond Organic.

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    Along with no pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. I would also add non GM (Genetically Modified) seed. I dont want my plants or seed designed in a lab. Let nature design them the way it was meant to be. ahla natural.

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