2010 National Farmers Market Directory

graph courtesy: USDA-AMS Marketing Services Division

April 28, 2010 Farmer Markets have grown exponentially this past year – a 23% increase over the number in 2008. And more are opening in communities across the country and many more are in the planning stages as people want to source their food locally and also get to know their farmer and food producer.

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) seeks to record each Farmers Market in each community across the United States for their annual National Farmers Market Directory. The directory is

“widely used by members of the general public, government officials and policymakers. Consumers use it to find farmers markets in their areas, while researchers, non-profits, and academics use it to analyze the farmers market industry.”

Don’t forget to register your Farmers Market for the upcoming 2010 directory – so we can find you, find good fresh food, and support our local farmers too. Data collection will continue through May 14th.


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    Thanks for your support! Slight correction here–we’re the USDA *Agricultural* (not American) Marekting service, but we love your comments anyway! And we provide a lot of resources to small and mid-size farmers, and their partners, so please come visit our home page at http://www.ams.usda.gov/WholesaleFarmersMarkets and our research archive at

    Best wishes–

    Debra Tropp
    Branch Chief, Farmers Market and Direct Marketing Research
    USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

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      Thanks for catching that, Debra – and it has been corrected!
      I think it’s great – especially for travel – I can find a local farmers market most anywhere I go.
      Thanks for sending along the other links…good to know about the other resources, too.

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