A Cow Reinvents Her Place in the World

A Special Cow Reinvents Its Place in the World

Our proscribed world is not so black and white, and that truth may also extend to livestock. At least to Rezzy, a holstein cow that likes to hang out—not with her own people—but with chickens!

Apparently, Rezzy had a difficult birth, and almost died. It took her a few days to be able to stand, and walk around, and during this brief period, the owners of Applecheek Farm in Vermont also discovered that Rezzy was blind. Their two young children came to the rescue and bottle fed the calf, and nursed it back to full health including restoring her eyesight.

In the process of recovery, Rezzy followed the children everywhere on the farm, and hung out in the barn with the chickens.

Now, after 2 months, she prefers the company of chickens to the fellow members of her herd.

No one knows if Rezzy thinks she is a chicken, or just prefers their company. To our knowledge, no one is suggesting she be seen by Dr. Oliver Sachs either, the preeminent neurologist who wrote the insightful book: The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.


In the nearby town of Pastureville, an ornery mob of bovine have assembled outside the town courthouse. Led by the Reverend Moo Wait, who is expected to address the crowd shortly to publicly condemn as moral trespass the unnatural co-habitation of a cow with a flock of free-ranging chickens. In a prepared text to which we have received an advanced copy, Reverend Wait calls upon all self respecting cows to stand firm against such aberrant behavior, and “kick up some dust” and do whatever it takes to restore the proper social order in this world.

CUPS is closely monitoring conditions on the ground and will keep you posted on new developments as they arise.

Update: Applecheek Farm’s local tv station recently visited and posted this video story about Rezzy – check it out!

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