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Egg Enchiladas

Related Post: Organic Dairyman- Part 2: The Farmer Jon Bansen believes that since he converted his farm over to being organic and sustainable, he’s becomes a much better farmer, and built a better business. In this story, there may be important lessons for both farmers and the American Public. Ingredients 12 eggs hard boiled, then […]

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Danish Soup

This longstanding family recipe for making Danish Soup calls for the following fresh ingredients: beef soup bones,carrots, celery, parsley, ground beef, soda crackers, cream, butter, rice and raisins.

gourmet mac n cheese recipe

Gourmet Mac & Cheese Recipe

This Recipe for making an macaroni and cheese calls for macaroni, shitaki, porcini, or chanterelles mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto ham, and 4 cheeses.

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Small Batch Chicken Stock

TwoJunes, Lisa Bell and Nicole Rees, share their latest recipe: We freeze all our poultry carcasses and bones, be it chicken, duck or turkey. Then, when the carrots and celery are looking a little droopy, we pull everything out and make a huge batch of stock. Very little gets wasted that way. We usually make […]

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Many Mushroom Stock

A great way to use up some of those leftover dried mushrooms you’ve been saving.