The Climate Reality Project: a Live, 24 Hours of Environmental Reality

What do you say to a sizable population of Americans that believe climate change is not for real?

Despite overwhelming consensus among the global scientific community that climate change must be taken as a serious threat to our continued survival, there is little political will to respond. As the science itself predicted, we are now experiencing extreme droughts, fires, storms, floods, and record-breaking temperatures in greater frequency and severity around the world, so when will America (and the world) respond to this increasing threat?

That’s the goal of The Climate Reality Project, a 24-hour live streaming event that brings the world’s top climate experts together to share their current knowledge about climate change, and to convince those that do not believe in the science itself, or who mistakenly believe that many scientists are themselves skeptical of the science, to reconsider their views, so that the politicians (those who wish to keep their jobs) will step up to the challenge.

Founded and chaired by former vice-president Al Gore, the Climate Reality Project begins live streaming at 7PM (Central Time) tonight in Mexico City, and travels around the world before ending at 7PM tomorrow, in New York City.

As Al Gore pointed out today on the NPR show “Talk of the Nation”, who do you wish to believe about climate change, the Koch Brothers, Exxon-Mobile, and Governor Rick Perry, or 98% of the scientific community that share the unequivocal view that climate change is real, and that it requires our immediate attention?

Tune in live, and you decide.

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