Cooking Up a Story Joins YouTube’s Original Programming Initiative

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YouTube's Original Programming Initiative

As part of Google’s YouTube original programming initiative, beginning April 17, 2012, Cooking Up a Story (CUPS) will be publishing 3 weekly CUPS segments for its new YouTube channel: Food.Farmer.Earth. Cooking Up a Story is pleased to be a part of YouTube’s exciting endeavor to create about 100 new, professionally produced channels that will be viewable to millions on the web, mobile and tablet devices, and through connected television.

For those of us old enough to remember TV when there were just 3 major networks, before the advent of original cable programming— from just a handful of available TV channels, to 100′s of channels—cable evolved into a transformative experience for television viewing.

What Google is doing with this initiative may well represent the watershed moment that finally ushers in 21st century television. A future not limited in definition by its method of program distribution or type of viewing device (broadcast or internet), nor limited in scope by a finite number of viewing channels, but viewing options on the magnitude of a “google” measure—an almost limitless potential.

Of course, when you talk about creating television shows, mere quantity is not the most relevant concern. It’s all about creating original content in order to continually satisfy (better yet, educate and inspire) a sizable, and increasing viewer audience.

Cooking Up a Story is pleased to be a part of the YouTube Original Programming Initiative, and expanding our offerings with our new Food Farmer Earth channel on YouTube.

Stay tuned in January 2012 for continuing CUPS Food Farmer Earth updates…

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New CUPS Series Launching April 17, 2012


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