Countdown to World Food Day

September 29, 2011 When you sit down to a meal, do you ever wonder where the ingredients come from? Who grew them? What is history was behind that tomato, grain, or bowl of soup?

Oxfam America (and their GROW campaign) is asking people everywhere to start a conversation about your food and where it comes from by holding a Sunday Dinner on October 16th. Invite friends and family over for a meal, or have a potluck, and begin an exchange. Oxfam will provide free materials such as placemats, recipe cards, and even a Sunday Dinner discussion guide (pdf).

“At the most basic level, your World Food Day Sunday dinner conversations should focus on the food you eat and where it comes form. Ask your guests to remember that the food they buy at the grocery store or farmer’s market may have been grown by small-scale farmers here or somewhere else in the world. Despite facing resource constraints, like access to land and water, and struggling to adapt to a changing climate, farmers continue to work hard to earn a living – and to provide food for their families and yours. Oxfam and our supporters are focusing on helping the poorest farmers in developing countries around the world.”

Words of support for World Food Day from Desmond Tutu:

Don’t you think it’s time to start a dialogue, or maybe expand it? If this is something you’d like to host yourself, be sure and get your order in for free helpful materials prior to October 12th.

h/t @oxfamamerica

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