Dating Service for Farmers

February 14, 2011 A website I couldn’t help but share today, Valentine’s Day, whose sole purpose is to connect farmers and down-to-earth singles. It’s called and was started by Jerry Miller in 2005.

“ is the brainchild of Jerry Miller who has done marketing and public relations for thousands of farms and ranches across the country. While talking to one farmer, Jerry made quite a discovery.

“Recently divorced, she expressed her frustration of how difficult it was to meet someone new,” Jerry recalled.

“I’m ready to give up!” She said. “How am I going to meet someone working on a farm all day? I already know everybody who lives around hereā€¦ which isn’t many people! Maybe I’ll try online dating.”
She signed up on one of the biggest national dating sites soon after their conversation.

A month later, Jerry asked her how her luck was with online dating. She replied, even more frustrated, “The men who have been contacting me don’t understand the lifestyle of a farmer,” she told Jerry. “They don’t have a clue!” This would later lead to the site’s slogan. “City Folks Just Don’t Get It!”

Watch the CNN video and see for yourself:


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