Eat Real Celebrates Good Food in Oakland

September 22, 2011 Part state fair and part neighborhood street festival, this years 3rd annual Eat Real Festival in Oakland (September 23-25), brings together people in the name of good food.

“For three days, Eat Real will offer people a real alternative to industrial food,” said Anya Fernald, founder of Eat Real Festival. “At Eat Real, we want to throw the food makers and farmers of the Bay Area a great party and give local residents a chance to taste something different. In addition to something new and delicious to eat, we also have something to learn – this year we’ll be featuring a communal bread oven and a craft food market that showcases skilled food professions such as baking, cheesemaking, and butchery.”

Check out the video from last year’s Steer Butchery Competition, to get a sense of the craftsmanship that goes into cutting meat:

If you’d like to show off a bit of your own food craft skills, there is a DIY Contest with several categories to choose from: homebrewing, honey, infusions and liqueurs, pickles, and preserves. Each category will be judged by local food enthusiasts, and winners will walk away with bragging rights for a year!

And to top it off, the 3 day event is free, and “all food at the festival costs $5 and less, and all food incorporates regionally-sourced, fabulous, and sustainably-produced ingredients.” If you’re in the San Francisco area this coming weekend, head on over to Jack London Square in Oakland – grab a bite, pick up some tips, and meet some awesome food growers, producers, artisans, and cooks. Sure sounds like a good time to me.

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