Farm Together Now on Tour

February 17, 2011 There are many people behind the scenes who quietly go about growing/producing wholesome food and doing what they believe in everyday. Daniel Tucker, Amy Franceschini, and Anne Hamersky wanted to meet and talk to some of these people so spent the summer of 2009 traveling around the country to visit 20 different farms. The result was an uplifting book, Farm Together Now, in which they talked

“to farmers about their engagement in sustainable food production, public policy and community organizing efforts. Interviews and photo essays with each farm/garden/project illustrate the inspiring histories, unique characters and everyday struggles of life on these farms. It is through sharing diverse voices from the contemporary farm that this book will inspire and cultivate a new wave of agrarians. Half of the author’s profits will be put into a fund to encourage like-minded documentary projects.”

Be inspired to create change where you are. Currently they are on tour with the book, holding small events around the country. Check out where they will be visiting next. Don’t see your city? You can contact them and schedule one if you’d like.

And watch the video to get a sense of the diverse array of farmers and food producers they met. An amazing variety of dedicated people are showcased:

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