Fighting Hunger One Vegetable at a Time

December 29, 2010 The city of San Antonio, Texas, hosted their own TED Talk under the banner of TEDxSanAntonio last October with 16 people speaking on a variety of topics from technology, global economy, social justice, and hunger.

Holly Hirshberg and Pamela Price talked about the latter in their inspirational presentation on fighting food security by sharing and saving seeds for a garden and growing food.

For example, Ms. Hirshberg went to her local grocer and bought a tomatillo for 15¢. She extracted the seeds, planted some in her front yard garden for future seed saving, gave many away to other Texas gardeners, and also shared some with a local food pantry who had their own garden to supplement food given to the hungry.

“The seeds from one 15¢ tomatillo produced hundreds of pounds of food to feed hungry people right here in Texas.”

Here is the video from their talk that was recently uploaded:

A garden is a simple effort that many people can do. And, as was said in the video, if you grow something you don’t eat, give it to someone who will.

And for those of you who are interested in learning more about the different resource sites mentioned in the video, Ms. Price was kind enough to share them on her website, Red, White & Grew.


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      I know you (and Holly) have been working hard to bring fresh food to your community and beyond. Props to you both for your hard work, and for making the presentation so others can learn that growing food may not be as difficult as they once thought.

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