Find the Nearest Farmer’s Market Near You

Finding Your Local Farmers Markets Have you ever wanted to locate all the farmers markets within a certain radius of where you live? How about the markets within your city that sell a particular type of food, or that have an ATM machine on premises? has created a neat interface that allows for displays of relevant, and timely information across a wide variety of subjects. One of those interfaces collects raw data from the Farmers Markets Geographic Dataset (, and from user submissions, to show the location of farmer’s markets throughout the country.

The idea for this public market locator tool came from UC-Santa Barbara senior, Evan Thomas, who performed the research, outreach, and compilation of the data used to create this online tool. Using the full featured version (see link at the bottom of the page) it’s possible to locate the farmer’s markets that fall within a slew of user defined parameters such as city, zip code, type of food products sold, etc.), among many other search and sharing options. After graduation, Thomas plans to attend graduate school to continue his sustainable architecture pursuits.

Here’s the basic widget to help find a local farmer’s market in your area:

To see the more complete, feature rich farmer’s market locator in action, visit the tool here.

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