Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Berries

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How to Make Fresh Fruit Soda

David Yudkin of Hotlips Soda demonstrates how to make seasonal fruit soda using watermelon and fresh berries. For the recipe, please visit Cooking Up a Story.

Growing Fresh Berries for the Farmers Market

In this episode on Food.Farmer.Earth’s YouTube channel, we visit Unger Farms during the heart of berry season. Kathy Unger tells us, if not for the farmer’s market, they would have lost their farm. Today, in the peak of season, they sell at 17 farmers markets each week.

The Albion Strawberry, Everbearing June Through October

Kathy Unger talks about her Albion strawberries, and their amazing longevity for producing fruit over a much longer harvest period. Their flavor is perhaps second only to the (unbelievably great) Hood River variety in the region.

Next Week: Milk

  • Tuesday: Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire, & Time, who shows us how to make traditional yogurt, and also greek yogurt. It’s much easier than you might think!
  • Wednesday: Garry Hansen of Lady Lane Farm, who has been raising jersey cows all his life. It’s what he loves to do. But as milk prices continued to decline, he decided he had to take a risk and start his own creamery, or face the possibility of losing his “girls.”
  • Thursday: Garry Hansen contrasts the different pasteurization processes, including the homogenization process that is standard in the dairy industry, and how he processes his milk differently.

The Weekly Roundup

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