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little t american baker

Tim Healea, renowned for the quality of the breads that he makes at his bakery (little t american baker) in Portland, Ore., said he never dreamed he’d have a career in the food business, much less own his own bakery. As a matter of fact, he calls his discovery of his passion for bread a complete accident.

How to Make Holiday Soda Bread

In this episode of Food.Farmer.Earth, veteran pastry chef and owner of The Waffle Window,Mary O’Rourke, demonstrates a favorite holiday recipe. The printed version of this recipe can be found here.

Baker’s Insider Tips for Making Artisan Bread

Tim Healea of little t american baker shares some important tips for making better artisan breads at home. According to Healea, a Portland, Ore., baker whose specialty is breadmaking, by incorporating a few basic tricks that he outlines in this video, the home baker “can produce really good results at home.”

Coming Next: Spirits

  • Tuesday
    Bartender David Shenaut of Raven and Rose Restaurant demonstrates how to make two of his favorite drinks- his version of Irish Coffee, and a drink he invented that he calls “Souracher.”
  • Wednesday
    Bartlett Pear Brandy, Unoaked Oat Whiskey, Cranberry Liqueur-these are but a few fruit brandys, spirits, and liqueurs that craft distiller Sebastian Degens makes at Stone Barn Brandyworks in Portland, Oregon. Part of a growing movement, micro-distilleries are cropping up across the country, producing small quantities of fine handcrafted distilled products. In Wednesday’s upcoming episode, Degens talks about the different products that he makes, and the enjoyment of working within the local community.
  • Thursday
    What defines the three distinct categories of distilled spirits: fruit brandy, liqueur, and whiskey? Watch this upcoming Food.Farmer.Earth episode on Thursday to find out.

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