Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Milk

How to Make Plain and Greek Yogurt

Tressa Yellig, executive chef and owner of Salt, Fire, & Time (a community supported kitchen service), demonstrates how to make plain yogurt, and from there, Greek yogurt. The practice of culturing dairy is one of the oldest forms of food preservation that exists, and what’s fascinating about yogurt is how different textures and flavors develop from the regional differences within the strains of culturing bacteria.

A Love of Jersey Cows and the Determination to Stay in Business

In this episode on Food.Farmer.Earth’s YouTube channel, we meet dairyman Garry Hansen, who couldn’t count on a consistent price for his milk. The volatility of the dairy market nearly drove him out of business. So to save his cows, he had to become a processor and distributor of his own milk.

A Sustainable Dairyman Talks about the Milk Pasteurization Process

Garry Hansen of Lady-Lane Farm describes the different pasteurization techniques that are used in the dairy business, and how his methods, a throw-back to an earlier era, are different.

Next Week: Truffles


  • Executive Chef Chris Czarnecki demonstrates one of their signature dishes at The Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Ore.: Oregon White Truffle Infused Beef Stroganoff. He shares his secret on how to infuse the tender beef with the unique flavor of this sought after truffle.
  • Wednesday

  • We meet the quintessential truffle hunter: Jack Czarnecki. Born into a family of mushroom hunters and restaurateurs, Czarnecki, a trained microbiologist, moved to Oregon from his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, and soon began to seek out the Oregon White Truffle for his new restaurant.
  • Thursday

  • What’s a true truffle oil, how is it made, and why is it considered by many the preferred method for infusing foods with truffle flavors?

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