Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Oregon White Truffles

How to Make Jack’s Beef Stroganoff with Wild Mushrooms

Chris Czarnecki, a fourth generation restaurateur and chef, demonstrates one of his signature dishes at The Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon. He shares their secret on how to infuse beef tenderloin with the unique flavor of the fresh Oregon White Truffle. Since 2008, Chris has taken over the restaurant from his father, Jack, and as he says in the video, this is their one dish that will always remain on the menu. You can find the recipe from this video at the bottom of the permalink post.

Oregon White Truffle Hunting with Jack Czarnecki

For Jack Czarnecki, his lifelong fascination with wild mushrooms can be distilled down to one factor: genetics. His father, Joe Czarnecki, who of European Polish descent, created quite a stir in his day with his cutting-edge restaurant ‘Joe’s’ in Reading, Pennsylvania. In the 1950’s, Joe Czarnecki was among the first chefs to use wild mushrooms, drawing culinary notables from afar, including Craig Clayborn, James Beard, and Julia Child, who wanted “to find out about this guy.” Now Jack hunts for Oregon White Truffles and makes his own truffle-infused oils.

Capturing the True Truffle Flavor in a Bottle

Jack Czarnecki explains the best way to enjoy the full taste of a truffle is by infusing truffle oil into a variety of foods (those with a higher fat content) like butter, cheese, and meats. Surprisingly, by contrast, eating a fresh truffle will often be a tasteless experience except when during digestion the gases emitted in the stomach are brought back up through the process of burping.

Next Week: U-Pick

  • Tuesday – Homemade School Lunch Ideas for Young Children
    As kids anticipate their first days of school, many parents begin wondering what to pack for a healthy lunch. Dr. Betty Izumi demonstrates three ideas for a homemade lunch for young children. The ideas range from time-tested egg salad sandwiches to something new and different. And it’s not only what is inside the sack lunch that counts, but also how it is put together. Healthy, fresh, and fun is key!
  • Wednesday – A Visit to a U-Pick Farm. Theresa Draper took over her parents farm and renamed it Draper Girls Country Farm to reflect the fact that her three daughters were part of the new operation. In the 1990’s, Draper expanded the farm stand into a U-Pick farm, offering cherries, peaches, pears, and apples to be picked by the public. There are many challenges facing such an endeavor, as Draper explains in the video.
  • Thursday – Importance of Diversified Marketing Outlets to Farmers.
    Farmer Theresa Draper has many people relying on her for their income and she has found that by diversifying, she has been able to carry herself and her employees throughout the year. From added-value products to opening the old farm house to vacationers, Draper is always looking for new ways to keep her farm afloat.

The Weekly Roundup

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