Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Pop-Up Restaurant

Kathryn Yeomans Makes a Risotto Rice Dish

Kathryn Yeomans of The Farmer’s Feast demonstrates how to make a creamy risotto rice dish. Although it does take a little extra time, risotto is not difficult to make once you see how it’s done. Here’s a link to the risotto recipe.

The Chef, The Farmer, and the Pop-Up Restaurant

“What’s a pop-up?”

It’s the question that Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans gets asked the most about her recent venture. A seasoned chef who early in her career trained with the likes of Lidia Bastianich and Diana Kennedy, Yeomans worked in restaurants in her home state of New York and in her adopted home in Portland, Oregon.

Teaching Cooking Classes at the Farmers Market

While Kathryn Yeomans (The Farmers Feast) loves to create popup restaurant events, where she’s able to be like “cinderella at the ball” having a restaurant for one night, she admits she also has to have a full-time job. For Yeoman’s, that’s teaching basic cooking classes at some of the local farmer’s markets. And, since she loves being surrounded by farmers and fresh food, it’s a great fit to be a farmer’s market chef, and culinary instructor.

Coming Next: Artisan Beer

  • Tuesday
    Beer and bread share similar ingredients, but it’s believed that beer may have preceded bread-making— 10,000 years ago at the dawn of agricultural farming. In this episode, veteran beer-making instructor Jeremy Fry, from one of the oldest homebrew supply houses in the country (F. H. Steinbart Company), demonstrates the art of making hand-crafted beer.
  • Wednesday
    A fateful 4 week trip to England in 2004 inspired Ted Sobel with the idea to import the British pub house back to America. 2 years later his dream became reality with the opening of the Brewers Union Local 180. Join us for a night of fun at the only commercial brewery in the country that exclusively produces cask-conditioned beers.
  • Thursday
    Publican Ted Sobel shows us the beer engine that he uses to pull his “live beer” into imperial pint glasses for his patrons.

The Weekly Roundup

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