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How to Make Sour Cream Mashed Rutabagas with Fresh Dill

Award-winning cookbook author, food writer, and culinary instructor Diane Morgan stirs up the world of mashers with this creamy rendition of mashed potatoes using a combination of russet potatoes and rutabagas. Check out the written recipe in the post: How to Make Sour Cream Mashed Rutabagas with Fresh Dill

How to Make Microbrew-Braised Rutabagas

Venerable cookbook author, culinary instructor, and restaurant consultant, Diane Morgan demonstrates a recipe for making Microbrew-Braised Rutabagas from her new cookbook Roots: The Definitive Compendium. Check out the written recipe in the post: How to Make Microbrew-Braised Rutabagas

Winter Farming: A Tale of Bitter and Sweet

When it comes to farming through the winter months, Tom DeNoble of DeNoble’s Farm Fresh Produce in Tillamook is no romantic. “Winter farming is a big gamble,” he said. “It’s like rolling the dice every year.”

Why Winter Crops Can Grow Sweeter

Farmer Tom DeNoble of DeNoble Farm Fresh talks about the crops he grows in winter, and the special role that colder temperatures play with his brassica crops.

Coming Next: Aquaponics

  • Tuesday
    Chef Robert Wiley, of Sheridan Fruit Company, demonstrates how to make a classic fish fry.
  • Wednesday
    We visit with Ann Forsthoefel, of Cascadia Aquaponics, who has been experimenting with the design of an aquaponics system so she can sell her own farmed fish to local markets.
  • Thursday
    A local inventor is designing an indoor aquaponics system that uses the humidity in the air to heat both the building, and the water tanks that house his fish.

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