Food, Farmers, and the Occupy Wall Street Group

If you wish to eat fresh, wholesome food, there may be a new, outdoor restaurant opening soon in your neighborhood—that’s free! Although, the central purpose of the Occupy Wall Street protest that is spreading throughout the country, and the world, is not directly about offering free food to those in need, the protest is very much about raising the national consciousness to reverse the level of inequality that runs rampant in our society today. And that inequality, expresses itself in many different ways.

One of those manifestations applies to our industrial food system. Many farmers find themselves in the middle of a struggle of survival with forces too large individually to overcome. Sound familiar? This video tells the story about Heather Squire, a volunteer at an Occupy Wall Street kitchen in Zuccotti Park on Liberty Street in New York City’s financial district. Squire works with small farmers from the region to bring in fresh, organic produce that is used to help feed the roughly 800-1200 protesters that daily occupy the park. In the process, the farmers get some payment for their food in addition to the solidarity they express for the protesters, and Squire feels satisfaction that she is helping to promote a cause that she feels will benefit society.

This video was made by the folks at WNYC radio.

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