Front Yard Farming: Are You Ready for a Solar Powered Chicken Coop?

photo courtesy of Front Yard Coop

September 08, 2011 Here I am working on replacing my lawn with edibles and along comes this nifty idea: a front yard chicken coop. But wait, it’s designed to improve my front lawn as the chickens feed, forage, scratch, and fertilize the ground. Can I have a lawn and grow food too?

It’s a solar powered unit that moves across your lawn as the day progresses.

“The deluxe “Full Monty” version of our Coop offers both a solar powered electric fence and a motor that slowly propels it back and forth across your yard. This unique feature turns a 4 x 8 foot pen into a limitless free ranging space for your birds.   It stores power from a solar cell in a marine deep-charge battery and inches along your yard at a safe and subtle 16 feet per hour. When it bumps into something, the circuit board reverses the coop’s direction.  This distributes the flock’s impact on your lawn and spreads its beneficial manure, and constantly offers your birds fresh forage.”

There’s still the water issue, but it might be fun to have chickens out front. Not sure if the city officials in Oak Park, Michigan, would agree, though!

Originally posted on Earth Techling.


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    A quirky idea for sure…..but if you tally up the energy used to construct this thing, plus all of the small-car trips to a feed store (if you feed more than just scraps) you’ll find this is actually terrible for the environment – you’d be better off buying eggs from across the country, a proven reality…. If you’re gonna keep a few hens at home – its gotta be super low input – recycled wood and fencing, and feed only home scraps…

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