Fruit Tree Tour 2011

March 21, 2011 Through the organization Common Vision, a band of 20-30 people (aka, the Fruit Tree crew) are making a tour of California in the “world’s largest vegetable oil-powered caravan” to visit various schools and communities to plant, perform, and paint (the 3 P’s).

According to their schedule, first stop was in Castro Valley, CA, for a community planting in mid-February, then they headed south to Santa Maria where they met with school kids and started planting fruit tress in 3 different schools. All along the way they videotaped the journey and are releasing short videos from their stops as they happen. They just finished the 3 P’s in the Los Angeles area (11 schools and 2 community plantings) and just posted this video:

What an education for these school kids – hearing/seeing environmental-related stories performed by the Fruit Tree crew, getting hands-on experience of planting a variety of fruit trees on their school grounds, and painting their experiences onto banners to be shared with others in their community.

Now into their 8th year, the Fruit Tree tour has planted over 4,200 fruit trees and interacted with more than 60,000 students. Looking forward to the “bus full of hope” cruising and planting next year!

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