Important Food Stories of 2010

December 09, 2010 This time of year brings out those best-of-the-year lists, and food stories is has its round up too. A few days ago, Daniel Fromson, of the Atlantic listed what he considered the 10 Biggest Food Stories of 2010. A few dealt with food policy – the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kid Act and Food Safety Modernization Bill. And others leaned toward food trends – rising interest in butchered meats and continuation of the food truck craze.
Today, Bill Bishop and Richard Oswald, of the Daily Yonder, published their list of (Real) Important Food Stories of 2010 and compared it with the former mentioned list.

“So, what stories are missing? Rural America, is the short answer. The magazine’s list is void of just about everything having to do with life, commerce, power and politics outside the largest urban areas.”

Both lists have their place, interest, and perspective. I suggest combine the two, add more of your own, shake it up, and serve. Keep reading, watching, and learning about your food system – and participate too.

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