Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply Hoping to Stay in Neighborhood

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May 16, 2011 In many urban areas people are beginning to grow their own food, raise chickens, and start an apiary. In more rural areas, or suburban fringes, you might go to your local feed store to get necessary supplies or advice to help you along. But what about in a metropolitan setting? Most national hardware stores do not carry items for backyard chickens, organic produce, or hold classes on beekeeping. But places like Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply do. And now they are facing a possible move due to Les Schwab Tire Center taking over most of their leased space and building a new tire store. Naomi Montacre is hoping that there will be room for both.

“We have lots of plans for the future here with demonstration and children’s gardens, urban livestock, workshops, and space for non-profits. We think the whole site can be developed creatively to be a real benefit to the neighborhood.” Naomi’s current lease ends May 31st and they would like to purchase.

Les Schwab now faces a decision about whether to extend their lease or sell the acre Naomi’s is on. “We’d be happy moving to a smaller portion to the west or staying right where we are. Many of our customers think it could be an advantage to both companies to have a fun, interactive garden space on the same lot and make their tire center a real attraction. It would give Les’s customers an entertaining place to go while they have their tires done and pick up their garden & farm supplies.” The folks at Les Schwab haven’t closed the door to any possibilities, and are considering keeping Naomi’s where it is. Encourage them to do so!

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From a visit to Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply last year:

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