National Seed Swap Day

January 28, 2011 The last Saturday in January is National Seed Swap Day, which for 2011 is tomorrow, January 29th. Several communities hold their own seed swap on this day. It’s an opportunity to meet up with other seed enthusiasts and swap seeds.

“The first annual Washington Gardener Seed Exchange was held on January 26, 2006. After that event’s success, seed swaps in other cities across the nation have joined in celebrating National Seed Swap Day each year on the last Saturday in January.”

If this is something you haven’t participated in before but think it might work in your community, please check out “How to Organize a Community Seed Swap“, courtesy of Food Not Lawns.

Here’s a video about the seed swap the New Forest Transition group had last year, called “Seedy Sunday”. This is another great example of growing community around food.


  1. Kelly says

    I just purchased my first heirloom seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I’ve been reading about heirlooms for awhile now, but it seems like the sources available are much greater, than I thought. I’m interested in learning as much as I can and contributing as much as I can. Your site is great!


    • says

      I love the Hudson Valley Seed Library and all that they do! So glad you’re getting into heirlooms. As interest in heirloom and organic seed varieties grow, so grows the demand – thus growers and seed savers bring more to market.

      What did you find? I love learning about new varieties too.

      And thanks for the props!

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