Saving Civilization—Our’s—on PBS, Television Tomorrow

It’s a fast approaching train, and it’s heading directly our way. Visionary author Lester R. Brown, founder of the Worldwatch Institute, and President of the Earth Policy Institute, warns that our civilization is heading straight toward political, economic, and environmental collapse.

While the daily cacophony of modern life rumbles forward, we are living in a defining moment of time where only decisive action can avert catastrophe. From the pages of his book, Plan B: Mobilizing To Save Civilization, comes this television special on the Journey to Planet Earth series airing Wednesday, March 30, 2011. Check your local PBS listings for details:

Plan B: Mobilizing To Save Civilization
A look at the realities of climate change addresses an emerging economy based on renewable sources;
86 minutes.

Watch the full episode. See more Journey to Planet Earth.

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