The Multnomah Food Action Plan

January 27, 2011 A lot of excitement in the air today as the Multnomah Food Initiative had its kickoff celebration of the Multnomah Food Action Plan (PDF) in Portland, Oregon. The room was filled with sustainable food and agriculture enthusiasts, advocates, and policy makers.

“The goal Multnomah Food Initiative is to develop a shared community vision, collaborative food system goals, and a 15-year action plan that will:
1. Increase viable local options in our food system
2. Make the healthy choice an easier choice for all
3. Build systemic justice, health, and food security
4. Promote a thriving local economy”

Many stood up and announced initiatives and projects that were coming to fruition in the coming year. Some mentioned were the Food Corps (a national program which will have a local presence in September, 2011), Multnomah County Healthy Food Initiative, and Food for Thought conference. It’s an exciting time and hard work ahead as the Portland community begins to put their local food system to work.

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