To Eat Local, We Must Help Save Local Farmland

Visiting a local urban farm

March 30, 2010 This has been a hot topic in my community (Portland, OR) lately, and I see it is being discussed in Sacramento too. If you want to eat locally, it’s important to support local farmers and to plan (smartly) for the future: save farmland for farming and not necessarily to be developed. And it’s not just to have access to fresh, locally grown food.

“Our farmers currently produce $1.66 billion in food, supporting 28,000 jobs and $3.3 billion in economic activity. At the local level, the effects are even greater. In El Dorado County, every job in agriculture supports seven jobs in local processing, distribution and agritourism.”

Jobs, good food, building the local economy – all good reasons to support agriculture in our region.

“The preservation of agricultural land and the ability to grow food in our region is vital to the sustainability of boht rural and urban communities.”

h/t @EatingLocally

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