Urban Farming Gains Ground

March 15, 2011 As people flock to their local farmers market and discover the taste and freshness of locally grown fresh food, many decide that they want to grow some of that goodness too. Vanessa Barrington, of EcoSalon, wonders if urban farming is the next big ‘thing’ – not to just grow food for yourself, but to actually make a business of it. City zoning and permits throughout the country have reflected this trend toward growing (and now selling) urban-raised goods.

“All over the country, citizens are working with their local governments to take back the production of their own food. The names of some of the new laws are telling: “freedom act,” “self governance ordinance,” this is the language of change, maybe even revolution.

People are ready to wrest control of what they eat out of the hands of big food. Though these movements may seem tiny, looked at together they represent a mighty wave of people taking up hoes to make real change in their neighborhoods.”

If you’re still wondering how this might all work, check out this video that Little City Gardens made for their kickstarter campaign last year. It gives you a good idea of the possibilities from an urban farm.

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