What does it take to live sustainably in the US?

January 05, 2011 Author and blogger Jill Richardson recently returned from a trip to southern Mexico where she lived with the Zapatistas, by way of Schools for Chiapas, and learned about their food and agriculture. Reflecting upon the lives she saw living the in remote areas within the state of Chiapas got her to thinking,

“Do we have to live like peasants to be truly sustainable? There has to be a happy medium between living as a poor peasant in an adobe hut and living in a McMansion while driving a Hummer? But how do we find it?”

Richardson suggests there are several things individuals can do in their daily lives to lessen the impact on our natural resources, and by working together as a shared societal goal, we can become much more sustainable.

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    I read the original article – interesting perspective. An update – the Dervaes family hit 7030lbs of herbs, fruit, and veg in 2010. So inspirational. I follow their blog and was pleased to see them referenced in Jill’s piece.

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