Tomato Pie Recipe

In this video, Tricia Butler demonstrates how to make a traditional Southern Tomato Pie. She also shares her family recipe for Tomato Pie.

Lebanese Salad Dressing

This Lebanese Salad Dressing recipe from Portland, Oregon seed artist, Cathy Camper makes a nice dressing for salad.

Mjeddrah (Lebanese Porridge)

This is a Lebanese porridge of rice and lentils…like a very thick lentil soup, with the flavor of carmelized onions. Very good on cold winter days.

Warm Green Bean Salad Recipe

This is a fresh garden salad delight! Fresh green beans, tomato slices, Parmesan cheese, Greek Kalamata olives, served warm.

Home Made Pie Crust Recipe

Catherine Schon, of Sassafras Catering, a recent Portland, Oregon Pie-off winner, offers her home made pie crust recipe.

Pickled Green Beans

This pickled, green bean recipe calls for 2 pounds of fresh, green beans, cayenne pepper, dill, and salt, a canning jar and 2 weeks of rest.

Yogurt Smoothie

A nutritious recipe, yogurt smoothie from Katrina Wiest, Bend LaPine Schools Nutrition Services.

Zucchini Bread

This zucchini bread recipe contains eggs, sugar, zucchini, vanilla, cinnamon, nuts, flour, oil, baking soda, salt, and baking powder.

Artichoke Pesto

This recipe to make Artichoke Pesto includes: artichoke hearts, parley leaves, basil, thyme, lemon, walnuts, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and salt.

Hazelnut Tassies Recipe

This recipe offers a Northwest twist on the classic Pecan Tassies from the south. These are mini hazelnut tarts, scented with brown sugar and vanilla.