Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Hash

How to Make a Red Flannel Hash with Corned Beef

Chef and food system activist Michele Knaus shows how to make a Red Flanel Hash with Corned Beef using a variety of leftover ingredients in the refrigerator. Check out the Red Flannel Hash recipe here.

The Evangelist of Hash and His Dining Escapades

Clark Haass is bent on world domination, but not in the evil-overlord-bwa-ha-ha sense. He wants to bring the world to the table over a heaping plate of hash.

Hash Throughout the World

Clark Haass, author of “Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure,” talks about the ubiquitous nature of hash, and how it’s found in many other cultures, each with their own characteristic versions of it.

Coming Next: Root Vegetables

  • Tuesday
    Veteran cookbook author Diane Morgan, whose recently released book, Roots, shares her excitement about all things roots. In this week’s Kitchen episode, Morgan demonstrates how to make two rutabaga-centric dishes: Micro-brewed Rutabagas and Sour Cream Mashed Rutabags with Fresh Dill. Both perfect for these late winter months.
  • Wednesday
    There are many cold weather vegetables available at the market…cauliflower, brussel sprouts, carrots, beets, celeriac root, and kale to name a few. But who is growing these in the winter months? Are they available locally? Meet Tom DeNoble, of DeNoble’s Farm Fresh Produce. After 9/11, the flower business tanked, so DeNoble turned to farming produce, and over the years, because of the quality of his products, has built up a loyal following of customers.
  • Thursday
    In the winter, many vegetables taste sweeter, find out which ones, and why.

The Weekly Roundup

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