Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Sweet & Savory Pies

How to Make a Fresh Chocolate Cream Pie

Lauretta Jean’s Kate McMillen demonstrates how to make a chocolate cream pie using fresh made dough, and a filling made from scratch. Here is a link to the recipe from the video.

Sweet & Savory Pies: A Love Story

When Philly native Sarah Curtis-Fawley travelled to Australia for what she just intended to be a year, fate seems to have intervened. Marrying, and eventually opening up a pie shop in Portland, Oregon specializing in sweet & savory pies, was simply not part of the original plan.

The Origin of the Meat Pie

In Australia, the meat pie is an iconic food. Where did the meat pastie originate, and what was it’s original purpose? Sarah Curtis-Fawley of the Pacific Pie Company shares the story about its origin. For more about Sarah Curtis-Fawley and her pie company, check out this episode’s story: Sweet & Savory Pies: A Love Story

Coming Next: Popup Restaurant

  • Tuesday
    Chef Kathryn Yeomans demonstrates how to make a creamy Risotto rice dish. Rissoto, an Italian rice makes a great base from which to make other dishes.
  • Wednesday
    A new food phenomenon is happening in some of the major cities across the country—pop-up restaurants! In this upcoming episode of Food.Farmer.Earth, we go behind-the-scenes with a chef, and a farmer as they prepare their fresh, farmer’s market ingredients for a 7+ course meal, and witness the whole pop-up event unfold at a restaurant.
  • Thursday
    Realizing many people never learned even the basics of home cooking, Chef Kathryn Yeomans teaches cooking classes at local farmer’s markets to folks who generally do not cook for themselves.

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