Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Wheat

A Look Inside a Modern Combine Harvester

Farmers across the country (and increasingly the world) rely upon technology as an integral part of their day to day farming operations. In The Dalles, Oregon, fifth generation farmer David Brewer shows us the insides of his John Deere combine harvester, a self-propelled thresher machine that separates the straw (chafe) from the grain. The soft white winter wheat grain is used primarily in pastries and crackers.

How to Make a Galette

Veteran pastry chef Mary O’Rourke of The Waffle Window in Portland, Ore., shows us how to make a rustic tart (also known as a galette) with fresh pears and figs. The recipe is here.

Wheat Harvest

The day we visited David Brewer of Emerson Dell Farm in late July, he was nearing the end of his wheat harvest on about 1200 acres of dry-land crop. Brewer’s soft white winter wheat is low in gluten protein, and most of it is shipped to overseas markets used to make pastries and crackers. Read the full post for Wheat Harvest.

Next Week: Food Buyers Club

  • Tuesday
    Chilled Squash Soup and Lamb-Stuffed Squash Fall season brings a multitude of summer squash to the garden and the market. Chef Donald Kotler, of restaurant TOAST, shares two tasty dishes that use both zucchini and yellow squash. The first is Chilled Squash Soup and for the second he brings out the electric power tools to make Lamb Stuffed Squash.
  • Wednesday
    Food Buyers Club
    It began with a small parenting group for expectant mothers, and in just a few short years, expanded into a 900-member food buyer’s club, with hundreds of fresh (sustainable and organic) foods available from local farmers, and specialty food distributors. Next week, we meet Rebecca Anderssen, the founder and driving force behind her enterprise, and find out more about her Know Thy Food buyer’s club, and the adjoining cafe she also started, to one day help support her food warehouse operation.
  • Thursday
    Food Wisdoms
    As food buying clubs grow in popularity in larger cities across the country, we ask some club members why they choose to shop this way, and what are the real benefits they experience compared to shopping at the supermarket?

The Weekly Roundup

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    Hi – I enjoyed reading all that you shared here! Wow, lots of good information and bits of news. I am not a cilantro lover (as much as I try to be) so can now blame my genes! Thanks for sharing my Worcestershire sauce post, too.

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