The Best Mushroom Soup

The Best Mushroom Soup recipe is from Natalie Sigafoos of Penner-Ash Cellars, an organic boutique winery.

Ancient Heritage Dairy Pasta Recipe!

This will be a very basic recipe, we try to keep things simple. We use what fresh ingredients we have and enjoy it and the time spent together.

Hallelujah Jalapeno Pork with Salsa

It begins with artisan mustard, and ends with this recipe from Sister Terry Hall of Monastery Mustard: Hallelujah Jalapeno Pork with Salsa.

Farm Pizza Recipe

For a hardy farm lunch, we like to make pizza out of what is coming out of the field. The farm pizza recipe changes depending upon the seasonal harvest.

My Father’s Tomato Salad

Linda Sawaya shares her love of food and the generations of culinary knowledge passed down through oral tradition.