High-Tech Farming

December 27, 2010 Want to grow fresh, local food but live in a densely populated area with no easy access to land? Well, you might consider a growing trend in farming that is indoor and high-tech. Entrepreneurs across the country are using available space – from rooftops to big (empty) warehouses – and creating new […]


Why Buy Local?

December 23, 2010 A group of middle school photography students from the University School of Nashville went to their local farmers market to snap pictures and ask a variety of questions of the farmers and vendors, such as buying local food over food being distributed from as far away as New Zealand. The result was […]


In The Can: Food Swap (video)

Bethany Rydmark shares some of her thoughts about the Food Swap event she has created for local foodies at the Branch & Birdie store in southeast Portland.


Save the Land, Grow a School!

December 15, 2010 Tryon Life Community Farm is not your ordinary farm. It’s nestled inside Oregon’s only State Park that is lies within a major metropolitan city, Portland. It is more of an urban ecovillage than a farm. But it does grow food, educate the community, and preserve a way of life that has a […]